Comics Work


Finding Eurydice: A Border Comic

After returning from Hell, Orpheus tries to recover Eurydice-lost. Trans-Orpheus/Trans-Poetics/Trans-Comics. Dramatizations of conversations between Orpheus, Eurydice & I. A parabola of failures towards representing Eurydice. Undergraduate thesis project. 



What if I told you language was a virus from outer space? Science-fiction drama of pictoral & linguistic communications. Now a major motion picture from 20th Century Fox.

Downtown Abby Page 04 - Copy.png

Abby & Clare in "Downtown Abby"

In an adaptation of Julian Fellows critically acclaimed period drama Downton Abbey, internationally beloved characters Abby and Clare get caught up in New York's "downtown" scene. 


Phantapho Urstik

Cut-ups of Kirby & Lee's Fantastic Four comics, as per Brion Gyson's specific instructions to me left in his will. 


Bloodsuckers love me.

Made for the 2017 Comics Workbook Composition Competition. Based on true events.


Heavy Mettle

Made with Nicole Pergue for the 2016 Comics Workbook Composition Competition. A translation of the Italian Sestina into a mini-comic. 


Bugbears & Hobgoblins

Daily 4-panel comic made with Eddie Harrison. Genre: Unfinished Novel.


Magical Lesbian Tanya, the Titanium Witch

Gay magical girl pastiche. Exactly as advertised.